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I am fearless

Fear has a way of intimidating people no matter their level of exposure, experience or their age. Whether you are starting a new thing, business, relationship or a project. The goal of fear is to hold you back and magnify itself above the word of God.

Fear wants you to shrink, to be quiet, to not speak up when it is time for people to hear you speak.

Don't give it the power it needs to grow and manifest in your life. Don't shrink in business, boardroom and in life.

You are called to lead.

Do what God has called you to do, don't waste the gift and opportunity that comes your way. I am a fear survivor if there is such a word like that. I used to be afraid to speak up, give my opinion or contribute in meetings for fear of saying the wrong thing. I struggled with this for a while till I got to the place where I said to myself I have had enough. God has given me a vision to impact my generation and generations to come, To live a life of impact and significance how can I do that if I let fear hold me back from fulfilling my purpose?

I started speaking affirming words to myself now backed up with the words of God. I looked fear in the face and said you no longer have hold over me. For the God has not given the spirit of fear. since then it has been a forward movement.

I also realised I don't have to be perfect, no one is. Only God is. Done over perfect is better than waiting to be perfect.


In my journey to overcome fear, I have learned that fear is not of the Lord. Once you come

into this understanding you are already liberated.

Whatever your fear might be, know and be confident that you can conquer it.

Change your mindset, with our minds we think about things that are true and good. No thoughts should enter your mind unchecked. Be guided by the word of God to renew your mind and clear your thoughts.

Any thoughts comes into your mind that is not in alignment with the will of check it immediately with His words.

Pray always, I was scheduled to speak at a women's conference on the theme "Discovering your purpose" At that time, I had not spoken at many conferences in fact that was the first outside of what I do. I knew I would be speaking to women I don't know. I was scared. So I committed it into God's hands in prayers because He answers our prayers. I had and it was a successful conference. Why? because Jeremiah 29:11 says For I know the thoughts I think towards you, Saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

I want to encourage you not give up on your dreams because of fear. be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid. Joshua 1:9

Fear still creeps in every now and then but I have learnt how to deal, control and conquer it.

Be intentional about what you think about. Think about your thoughts! very important so you don't limit yourself.

Lastly remember you were created for a purpose don't let fear put you in bondage.

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