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The next level of your life will demand a new you. It's a new year and time to re evaluate and take stock of our lives.. time to refocus, replenish and to redefine who we are in our personal visions and missions.

This year I will encourage you to set goals that will bring about personal developments.

2020 was a tough year and so it can be discouraging to make plans for this year 2021 but as tough and hard 2020 was some good things still happened and came out of it.

2020 taught me to take things simple and a constant reminder to completely trust in GOD and at the same time realised that this may be the new norm and I have to plan accordingly.

Whatever you plan to achieve this year don't forget to prioritise your wellbeing.. It's not selfish to put yourself first, to keep yourself whole and heathy. As women we give so much of ourselves that we tend to lose ourselves along the process. Plan intentionally for this year you were created with unique gifts and talents to use, set goals to achieve this purpose if not you may find yourself wandering around aimlessly and settling for less than you deserved


If there's any aspect of your life that requires growth and change... if you want to change your diet, how you talk and relate to people, if your style and dressing requires changing by all means do.. there's a saying that you DRESS HOW YOU WANT TO BE ADDRESSED.

You don't need permission or owe anyone explanations for this. They either get with the program or not but trust me the people that genuinely loves you will support your growth.

It's time to think outside the box. I made a decision recently to challenge and push myself in the areas I believed were holding me back from achieving my purpose and vision it was hard but making that conscious effort to be consistent and remain consistent with my growth.. still not there but believe me if you're consistent you can do anything.

Levelling up requires change and that can be very uncomfortable and hard but to get to that next level things need to change tbh every new levels in life will require new levels of growth.

Above all sis, commit your plans into the hands of the ONE who sees and knows the future and the LORD will establish your plans. Prov 16:3

I wish you the very best this year. Happy New Year and go after you goals with God's strength and wisdom.

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