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Hey ladies, don't ever feel guilty for taking the time out to care for yourself.

Self care is very important and we need to get into the habit of looking after ourselves , we try to juggle our everyday lives and so many other things that it becomes so overwhelming and these can be

exhausting, physically,spiritually and emotionally draining.

As a mum of 4 young kids, growing my small fashion and event business and sometimes work full or part time, i tell myself i can't afford to slow down i did that for so long and i found i was incredibly exhausted and the guilt of even taking the time out because my family needs me always stops me from doing so.

But you need a healthy body and an open mind to function, trying to be strong and staying strong 24/7 does not last long. The strength must come from within. Taking that needed time to rejuvenate isn't

selfish at all you can't help others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually if you aren't looking after yourself first.

I basically just prioritise my life, spend some time to rest more, i go for walks that now turns to prayer walks i found out this helps me to focus more on whats important etc

Taking time out for yourself helps you from just existing to living. You are able to listen to the spirit of God, you have clearer direction and path to the journey of life.

Self care can be empowering, it is also a get to know yourself better.

From to today make the effort to look after yourself, change your outlook on life, eat, sleep, walk, light exercise, spa retreat if you can, read a book , talk to someone, have a girls day out etc

Your wellbeing is very important.

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