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You are created for a purpose

One of my favourite books in the bible Esther 4:14 we are all created for a purpose. We have have a purpose to fulfil.. perhaps you're already wining in your purpose or have even achieved most or all your goals.. or just discovering your purpose... you might even be asking yourself what your purpose in life is. Simply go to God our maker He knows our beginning to the end. He will answer you and meet you at every point of your need. Sometimes working on your vision and goals can be tiring and don't have the will to go on or continue.. never give up. His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Living a purpose driven life will come with challenges but you are more than able to face the challenges If you're well grounded in your vision and have the strength to carry and support someone else. Esther had Mordecai.. Be your sister's keeper.. cheer them on and let them know they too can achieve their goals and vision.

Someone is waiting for that message or call from you. We rise by lifting others. We are women of purpose.

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