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Events & Conferences

Esthers Corner holds regular empowerment events, retreats and conferences. Below are some of our events.

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Passion & Purpose Ladies Conference

Passion & Purpose is a women empowerment conference. A great and unique forum for women to connect and interact positively with two power house speakers to speak and touch on practical life issues such as discovering your inner strength and breaking barriers and how to glow as a woman.

Girl On A Mission

Girl On A Mission is a goal setting workshop, where you learn new and creative techniques of setting goals. This workshop also addresses 5 main areas of our lives and how to be fulfilled in every areas

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Stronger Together Ladies Retreat.

Stronger Together is a ladies spa retreat because we as women are constantly giving of ourselves, it is a time to refuel, relax and replenish as we continue to redefine who we are in our visions and mision in life.

Ladies Retreat coming soon 

Next retreat is coming in October 2021 stay tuned

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